Tuesday, March 18, 2008


"Half-Truths" isn't a bad little show by Patricia Miller. It's up at Spark Gallery on Santa Fe, until this Sunday, March 23rd (closing coffee Noon- 5pm). Miller's work reminds me of a lot of Freshmen, Sophomore Art School work, where students experiment with collage and layering of paper and text. "Half-Truths" is a good blend of sculpture, assemblage, and collage. The tea stained pallatte is common but always contemporary. The collages, are something you might see for Anthropologie's Spring home collection, which means although commercial, they have a mass appeal to the market interested in handmade well crafted items. It's obvious her work is influenced by Joseph Cornell, which isn't a bad thing. Perhaps a feminine interpretation of Cornell. I found it interesting she's worked in a book store for many years. It seems apparent in the repeated text throughout her work. Her work is also reminiscent of the series "Griffin & Sabine" by Nick Bantock. Worth taking a stroll through the gallery.

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