Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Family Room

We were so scared to paint the living room Benjamin Moore's "Big Country Blue", but we LOVE it. Everything in this room was either made by us, a gift, or second-hand furniture. And I love how the blue color offset's my friend's artwork. Now we just need a rug.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freshly groomed

I was really happy to see the Red Grooms exhibit at MCA on Penny Saturday. This Jackson Pollock brings up happy memories of time in front of his work at the National Gallery in DC. Looking for cockroaches, cigarettes, and the other rumored articles captured under layers of paint.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Friday

The temperature took a bit of a drop Friday night, but it didn't stop the stroller-pushing-hipsters from meandering through the galleries of Tennyson street for First Friday artwalk. The curbside firey breathing steel alligator stole the show. There were a few memorable pieces in the galleries: great collages by Jennifer someone - very trendy NYC. Also a simple graffiti spray paint forward facing elephant painting, stood out in another unmemorable gallery. In most of the galleries, I felt like I was entering someone's home. Unpainted floor galleries lead to back studio/frame shops, leading to backyard porch, leading to garages with more photographs on display. Tennyson is no Santa Fe, but there's a nice community neighborhood feel to the area. I'd definitely go again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank you Target !

In celebration of the DNC in Denver, Target sponsored a free day at the Denver Art Museum yesterday. The free day (as they're usually closed Mondays) was a great excuse to see the new installation of the Modern Art galleries. I applaud the modern art curator for working with Sandy Skoglund. The "Fox Games" installation looked incredible in the space. Above is a photo of a similar installation but the colors are reversed at DAM. Bright red painted walls (Target Red?) and gray foxes. Even though 5 people were stepping on the red painted floor, when I visited, (when the installation was clearly marked: stay on the path) it was the highlight of the room. The installation reminded me that Rule Gallery had some of her early early photographs up, like "Peas on a Plate" from 1978 (seen below).
Exiting DAM with a free black Target tote bag that hooks over your grocery cart, I noticed marketing was very careful not to have any donkey paraphernalia on the bag: only 2 buttons, and one that says National Convention. Thanks for the freebies, Target.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dr. Seuss!

In celebration of Denver hosting the DNC, Gallery One of Writer Square has a great "Dr. Seuss for President" exhibit. The gallery is full of his colorful prints and some fantastic bronze sculptures of his characters. I gained a great education on his political art; apparently I had been missing out on some wonderful subversive children's stories. Coincidentally, the second half of Jeopardy that night was devoted to Dr. Seuss categories, like: "Butter Battle Book", and "If I Ran the Zoo". Hooray & Hurrah! to Gallery One for a fantastic exhibit.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Golden: Not just beer

Tucked away in Golden, in an obscure office looking building, is a little treasure called the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Although the museum looks like two galleries, capping both ends of a long hallway, it houses a wonderful professional display of artist and historical quilts. Up until, August 2nd are two shows: "Sisters in Cloth" & "Pre-1840 Bed Coverings".

"Sisters in Cloth" is a sampling of contemporary quilts created by female African -American Textile artists. Some quilts feature traditional patterns, but most are free form representational portraits or symbols.
"Pre-1840 Bed Coverings" (exciting as the name sounds) is a nice balance to the contemporary collection in the front gallery. The bed coverings are new quilts reproduced from pictures and samples of Pre-1840 quilts. If you're interested in patterns and geometry, then this is the gallery to study. The galleries provide a good teaching tool for tessellations and fiber art, but also just enjoyable for what they display. Additionally the staff is very helpful, friendly, and of course all quilters themselves.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Art & Dance

Hidden amongst the floors and floors of books are two terrific galleries at the Denver Public Library. Currently showing: local art on the 5th floor, Dance on the top floor.
Press "5" in the elevator to see the 80th Annual Members Show of the Colorado Artists Guild, up until July 31st. Unfortunately the show is obviously grouped by subject matter: portraits, landscapes, flowers, etc. The landscapes shine the brightest, which I attribute to Part 1- good artists, Part 2- inspiring Colorado scenery. It's easy to pick out the works that were painted from photographs, but don't despair, there are some really well crafted paintings in this exhibit.

On the top floor, "Dance Treasures" is on loan from the Smithsonian. a traveling exhibit, with multitudes of printed panels, but don't fret, the whole show isn't entirely reproductions. Head to the center of the exhibit where beaded costumes from the Denver Ballet save the show. Although the dancers' costumes are smushed in thin cases like dead bugs, it's hard not to ooh and aah over beaded and jeweled taffeta. Take your little girly girl up to the exhibit so she can almost touch the sugary pink icing tutus. On your way back out, glance at some of the photo repros, and pay homage to Gregory Hines, one of my favorite dancers.