Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More of Photography Month @ AI

If you're not bothered by photography hung crooked on linen wrapped walls, than this is the place to visit. Also, did I mention, there's a moment where you feel like you just landed in Brazil, with an American Passport? To enter into Art Institute now, they take your photo, name, and print it out on a sticker I.D. badge to wear. And YES they are open to the public. So how long am I in their computer system?

Warnings: If you are offended by nudity don't see this show. If you like Rhubarb and will no longer make rhubarb pies because of the previously mentioned element in the show, again, don't see this show.

As I feel about most exhibits, you are bound to find one thing you will like, thus worth adventuring out to the gallery. "Elements" is at the Art Institute of Colorado on Lincoln St. in the John Jellico Gallery, and is up until March 31st.

Elements is a collection of Contemporary photography curated by photographer Angela Faris Belt. She has a good opening piece at the entrance of the show, a flock of birds printed on paper, almost like a lithograph.

I was a little confused as to whether the show is for the purpose of contemporary photography, or to promote her new book. Regardless, there are a few strong pieces.
Suzanne Szucs's photographs are in a large Polaroid format but they're actually ink jet prints. I really didn't need to see her breasts for her self portrait. Far away the 12 photos work well together, but up close it lost my respect, I didn't want to be intimate with the photos, or her, perhaps her point. Also see above mentioned Rhubarb warning.
On the cleaner sweeter, sugary side, Alexis Abrams black and white photo of "Flower Girl at a Bridal Fashion Show", was elegantly beautiful yet still voyeuristic and creepy.
Last highlight: Alexandre Orion, "from Metabiotics Series", great devil chasing a child through shadow. mmmm nice shot and manipulation of image.
The show is a little disjointed, but the strong work shines through very well.

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