Monday, April 14, 2008

DMMDT - not a pesticide

As part of Doors Open Denver tour, I thought I'd first visit the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, & Toys. I expected a small historic home turned into a museum. It was really hard not to laugh, and I applaud the volunteers present that Saturday, for their enthusiasm and knowledge.

A startling glass closet/phone booth of 3 huge teddy bears is awaiting your discovery on the 2nd floor. Most disturbing was a case of green army soldiers - half of them fallen down (intentionally?), with a model plane, tied with thick white yarn, and scotch taped to the top of the much needed to be replaced acrylic box. It was apparent the museum has no budget, and part of me wants to commend them for the job they've done, but it also made me want to cry. Large colorful print fabrics draped across the toilets to show they're not in use?

You can even rent the facility for birthday parties. If you really like doll houses, this is the place to visit, however, old metal toys and teddy bears, you won't find much of. There was an overwhelming amount of Asian dolls for some reason. I admit, I did freak out when I saw an old plastic horse that I hadn't seen since the Christmas I received it, but it's hair wasn't even well groomed.......

Words that came to mind meandering around the house: "sad, weird". The sun room/play room has 3 or 4 rows of window stickers depicting fameous Black Americans. Needless to say I was surprised to be greeted by an image of Billy Cosby when I entered the room. Are they forgotten images from February?

Indeed a strange place.

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The_Writer said...

This is incredibly creepy. Remember when we went to some likewise creepy doll event at Nana's church? I think Nana took us to a doll museum at some point in our childhood, too.

Eek! Even as a kid, I thought it was creepy.