Monday, April 7, 2008

Free for all at DAM

Saturday was another crowded gathering at the Denver Art Museum. It was C's first time, and I was happy he appreciated the building, and didn't think it overwhelmed the artwork. I must commend the education department at DAM. The kid's activities are spot on. The laser bubble popping could keep any adult entertained for hours. "Kids look here"- nook and crannies are tucked away throughout the museum with fun creative activities - it's fantastic.

British artist, Richard Patterson's work, really intrigued me this weekend. Contemporary photo-realism at it's best. DAM has two striking large works by him in the new wing. "Minotaur With Brushstrokes" (pictured above) an oil on canvas, is so well executed. It truly looks like a high resolution print. I love the creepy quality of the action minotaur figure. The brushstrokes bring you back to reality that it's a painting, not a print. The brushstrokes, although they could seem quite obtrusive, our a welcome interruption, veiling the scene.

Christoph Heinrich, the curator of Contemporary and Modern Art, has gotten quite a bit of local press, for his exhibition plans and collecting at DAM. The work on current view is excellent, and well worth seeking out.

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