Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As the design of Milton Glaser succinctly states, I really do love New York City. Memorial Day weekend provided a great get-away and indulgent art viewing trip. Unfortunately, the Whitney Biennial was incredibly disappointing, but the Met's Superhero show redeemed the trip for us.
The Whitney Biennial, like most critics (note Times review here) and friends had relayed was incredibly disappointing: small sample of artists, not a lot of new thought nor technique, and too much poor quality of craft.
Jedediah Caesar, was the only artist worth mentioning for his large styrene block of dripped resins, and the cube of resin trash, sliced and displayed like shiny marble counter tops in renovated kitchens.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Superhero show at the Met, although it also was incredibly too short and small of a show. Linda Carter's costume, with now faded to purple costume, was incredible, and hard not to get incredibly nostalgic.
The Met did a nice job placing the super hero TV/movie costume center stage, with dramatic cityscape backgrounds. Then fashion designer inspired or related pieces surrounded the central figure. Besides Wonder Woman's, most of the costumes were quite modern and contemporary, including Robert Downey, Jr.'s, Iron Man costume. (thank you).
As much as I don't like Jeff Koons, his work is not to be missed on the rooftop of the Met. His balloon dog, and large heart's magnificently shiny surface reflected the NY cityscape and sunlight, much to photographers' and tourists' delight.

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mk said...

yeah, jeff koons is a yucky person, but those mylar-looking sculptures are AMAZING!! so happy, and so shiny.
will the superhero show be up much longer?