Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank you Target !

In celebration of the DNC in Denver, Target sponsored a free day at the Denver Art Museum yesterday. The free day (as they're usually closed Mondays) was a great excuse to see the new installation of the Modern Art galleries. I applaud the modern art curator for working with Sandy Skoglund. The "Fox Games" installation looked incredible in the space. Above is a photo of a similar installation but the colors are reversed at DAM. Bright red painted walls (Target Red?) and gray foxes. Even though 5 people were stepping on the red painted floor, when I visited, (when the installation was clearly marked: stay on the path) it was the highlight of the room. The installation reminded me that Rule Gallery had some of her early early photographs up, like "Peas on a Plate" from 1978 (seen below).
Exiting DAM with a free black Target tote bag that hooks over your grocery cart, I noticed marketing was very careful not to have any donkey paraphernalia on the bag: only 2 buttons, and one that says National Convention. Thanks for the freebies, Target.

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