Friday, February 15, 2008

Colorado History Museum

The history museum is free this month on Sundays and is worth checking out. On the first floor, the Italians exhibit is amusing, if only for the stero-typical pop-culture area, to see a poster of the Sopranos and the Godfather video in one case. It has things that you would expect to see, like a wine press. The exhibit is well-designed and laid out, but not a whole lot is memorable. Oyster plates? The pizelle maker in the gift shop was tempting to buy though... Overall the exhibit was pleasing on the eye to walk through, and as a new Denverite, I was surprised of the large Italian presense in the history of this town.

As you travel downstairs, you'll notice the basement is the heart of the museum. It's an obvious flow of old and new exhibits, and the mining and machine shop are as boring as it sounds. Unless you or your grandfather are a miner and machinist.

Ancient Voices: walk quickly through and check out some of the incredible pottery. Spend more time in Tribal Paths, as this is a beautiful history of Native American's in Colorado. Also see if you can find the children's cases in the basement, as there are some amazing old chidren's games piled on top of each other in some of the doll cases.

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