Friday, February 15, 2008

Penny for Contemporary

A penny is not a bad price to pay for the Contemporary Art Museum. If you're not at the Denver Art Museum on First Saturday, then you should be down at the Contemporary. The building is much more impressive than the art in it this month. However as the staff assured me, there will be something new when I come back, so I am most hopeful!

Visual Summary: Big vacuous modern building with a great view of the city. And heaven for people that like their own reflection.

Wow factor: David Altmejd's installation. Automatic sliding steel warehouse door at entrance.

It's worth taking the stairs for an amazing installation by Canandian, David Altmejd. If you've ever wanted to wander through a scrapyard of frozen mirror-ball Transformers than this is the place. Fantastical and fun.

If you have more time, check out the view from the top of the building. You'll count about 12 construction cranes. You can smell the new paint on the condos for sale. The roof top is an interesting space if only for the anticipation of summer, with some greenery on the roof, and a more pleasant temperature than a cold Saturday morning in February. A nice place for a cafe too. And I picked up a free temporary Maori tattoo in the education center. If you have an out of town guest that is urban inclined, take them up here for this view.

Overall: yes, it's worth going to see the museum, it's only a penny, and you're bound to find one thing that interests you, even if it's only in the bookstore. Left over candy from Felix Gonzales Torres? Best hope the Bob Marley/ Nam Paik like video monitors are malfunctioning that day. I like Bob Marley, but not when you can't escape the sounds of one not so clever video installation in the basement.

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