Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DAM I like this museum

"Free First Saturday" is approaching at the Denver Art Museum. If you don't mind crowds, this is the day to go. I recommend going early or late, but not in the middle of the day. If you want to cash in on the cashless day, then head to the older galleries, like the Asian Art, the Quilt area, and Decorative Fine Arts, as they are not as crowded as the new Liebskind wing.

If you hit one museum/gallery in all of Denver, this is the place to go. It has a great span of everything, and a wonderful place to start an art history lesson.

DAM is also good at public programs. Friday Feb.29 is an upcoming urbanite hipsters meat market. Honestly, I haven't been, but when the advertisement reads "cash bar", it means singles late night at the museum.

For those of you who have been hibernating this winter, I'll mention "Inspiring Impressionism" opens February 23rd. From the promotions, it looks like a good show, (review to come). Impressionism is always a crowd pleaser because of the pastel colors, Mary Cassatt paintings of little girls on mother's laps, and picturesque landscapes. The occasional Renoir nude is the only thing likely to stir up controversy. The show seems set up for a teaching exhibit: here's the fameous Manet, here's a French painting a 100 years before Manet, that inspired him.

Regardless of when you go, you'll always find something you like at the DAM, even if it's only in the gift shop.

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