Wednesday, February 20, 2008


While waiting to meet a friend for the movies, I stopped in at the Art Institute of Colorado on Broadway, right near the Golden Triangle. (I couldn't find any direct link to the gallery on their website, but it will give you the address.) The gallery is named: John Jellico Gallery, but AI gallery is much easier to remember. The gallery space is small, but perfect for the kind of exhibit they have on display: "Fashion Illustration: A retrospective of Fashion in the 1970's & 1980's by Jim Howard." I doubt Jim Howard has ever been mentioned in the same breath with Armani, Klein, Lauren, Mc Queen, etc. He's a retired Denver resident, but apparantly his career was once hopping in NYC, desiging for the big retail stores.

Visual summary: many many large Black & White illustrations of women in big baggy clothes. Fashion Plates made with the black crayon, come to life!

Wow factor: I was surprised at how big the illustrations were. I expected them to be scribbled on notebook pages. They made me want to dip croissants in warm coffees at a little Parisian cafe.

If you're walking along Broadway, downtown, it's definitely worth stopping in to look at the show. The setting is perfect for the intended audience: aspiring fashion designers studying fashion history. Students born in the 90's need to learn 80's fashion doesn't always mean neon or whatever H&M has brought back into circulation. While the exhibit isn't as entertaining as an episode of Project Runway, it's interesting to see the broad stokes that marry all fashion illustrations.

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