Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Next! Need I say more? Next gallery is in the space that Pirate Gallery once occupied, before they divided their space in almost half. This is the last of the 4 galleries in the LoHi area. I entered this gallery through the back of Pirate, and was thoroughly thoroughly disappointed.

Visual Summary: Shiny acrylics on canvas.....bleh.

Wow Factor: One painting by a non-headlining artist: Peppermint -wow!

Let me go with the good news first. There is a small painting on wood by Sara-Lou Klein, "Enjoy Every Moment". And I am kicking myself for not buying it for the low price of $65. In fact I shouldn't mention it as I still want to purchase it, but it was the only thing of note at NEXT.

It is a painting on wood, exposed so you can see the grain. A bear, a duck, and a peppermint. It sounds like a joke, but I assure you it's not. Prismacolor (colored pencil) on wood. Oh it's delightful and made me happy.
Now for the bad news: Two female artists share the space at Next: Theresa Lugo is headlining with "Iridescene", and Phyllis Rider's show: "Shadows and Light Reflections" are monotypes near the back. The show is only up until March 2nd. I can't even comment on Rider's work because I don't remember it well. Lugo's work-eh..... They can be described as colorful non-objective (meaning lots of different shapes with scrolly lines) acrylics on canvas with oooh Iridescent paint. I kid you not, Meininger sells Acrylic paint in tubes that are called: Iridescent Blue, Iridescent White. It was just a turn off, if the only thing of interest in the painting is that it uses shiny sparkly paint, then it really is unsuccessful. If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought they were done by a high school girl that decorates her cell phone with fake gems and tassels and sparkles. At least they weren't Barbie pink. I hate to be harsh, but I shouldn't apologize, because the paintings are out there for comment.
Skip NEXT, walk right on by, especially so I can go buy that Peppermint painting.

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