Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little off the EDGE

The EDGE gallery, located next to Zip37, needs a glass paneled door, to invite people in, as there are no windows in this white cube, just a metal stand outside, reading: OPEN. EDGE is another one of the four co-op galleries in the LoHi area. Rian Kerrane's show, "Periodic Table of Elements", just closed this past weekend. While a clever concept, the final product was lacking in high craftsmanship.
Visual Summary: Gallery of random work, found objects in high volume. Some strong sculpture.
Wow Factor: A tall sculpture on wheels near the back. Nice.
Kerrane's 104 little square canvases of collages of found objects, although clever, just weren't executed that well. And to deal with an ordered subject like the periodic table, it would have been much better, if every piece was very clean and precise. I really liked the crocheted yellow covered shelf with a bronze colored teacup & saucer, but something was missing.
Matt Brown & Tom Robertson had some pieces in the back of the gallery, and my apologies as I don't know who did the one telephone pole like balancing act. Regardless there were some interesting and amusing sculptures.
The show is over now, and was worth seeing as you are in the area for the Pirate Gallery. I must say I was a little disappointed.

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