Friday, March 14, 2008

Jimenez Hype

It seems all of Denver has been grumbling about, Luis Jimenez's 32 foot high sculpture, Mustang. I saw it recently, while picking someone up at DIA. I wasn't terribly impressed, but I thought it was a lot more interesting and easy on the eye than Jimenez's other shiny gaudy fiberglass work.

Kyle MacMillan's article in the Post last Sunday, seemed to have been a reaction to the public outcry, as it was in high praise of the long awaited piece.

Visual Summary: Big blue horse

Wow Factor: those demon eyes are funny

I agree with many people, as the size of the horse, gets lost in the vast open space. It would be fabulous at sunset or in a white snowy haze. The Broncos definitely come to mind, and the Big blue bear down at the convention center. I don't agree with MacMillan, that Mustang, has brought sophistication to Denver. A lone fiberglass sculpture can't class up this western town.
Jiminez's death, while working on the sculpture, to me is the most interesting part of the long history of Mustang. For Art Historiains, Mustang became a monument for Jimenez life, but most Denverites will still see it as a big ugly blue horse with demon eyes.

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