Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Love" @ Showings

There is one painting to see at Showings Fine Art on Santa Fe. It's not the most technically well done painting, but it's one worth spending time in front of. Dan & Adam Conard's work is up until March 29th. When you first walk in to Showings, the painting is on the left, on an easel.

It's titled, "Love", by Adam of the Conards, and depicts a Rhino and an orange flower. It's a steal at $900. The background, composition, and flowers are somewhat similar to the painting, shown here, "Envy", by Adam Conard.

It's a beautiful painting, for it's quietness, and for its simplicity in the relationship between the African beast and the flower. Both C & I agreed this was something we would want in our home, and it's rare that C & I will come to the same conclusion about art. (When we first moved to Denver, my art was hung on the walls in the first week. C's is still sitting on the floor.)

It saddens me to say that the rest of the paintings in the room were somewhat of a let down after turning away from, "Love".

After viewing Adam Conard's website, I realized his paintings view much better in photos. The details in real life aren't polished. Despite all this, it's still worthy of having a look.

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