Monday, March 10, 2008

Dizzying Drawings at VERTIGO

Excellent drawings and bobbleheads describe "L.A. STORIES: A collaboration with Thomas Muller & Samantha Scherer" up until March 15th this month at VERTIGO.
I take back what I said about being nervous going to Santa Fe, for First Friday. Although there are a lot of galleries, I could do without, I found some great ones to hold my interest in the search for quality Contemporary Art in Denver.
Vertigo was the first gallery we stumbled upon after negotiating Friday night traffic. L.A. stories, was not only humorous, but well executed.
Visual Summary: Black & White drawings with sparse color, lots of open space on page, celebrity head shots. Embossed urban text.
Wow Factor: How funny are little Beckam & Posh heads? Who couldn't love that pink elephant?
Not being familiar with either artist, I was pleased that the work seemed homogeneous, and not separate as "who did what"? If I read (o.k. looked at) People magazine, I could have identified more celebrities. I recommend spending some considerable time in the gallery, go with a friend, and make up your own stories about each piece. A great kick off for a trashy novel, or at least a story on Entertainment Tonight.

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Vertigo said...

Hello- and thank you for the great words about LA Stories. If you liked this one you will be just as amused by the show to open this Friday, July 3. The DMB collective. The artists were interviewed by Eric Isaac, and Mike Keen for their pod cast called untitled art show ( It is great- I hope you get a chance to see the show, and would like to meet you, I admire your critical style. Kara Duncan, VERTIGO