Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary Show

The Anniversary Show is up until March 15th at Limited Addiction Gallery. This is a great show containing contemporary drawings and paintings by well known and up and coming artists. If you didn't recognize the kool kat bar scene by SHAG, when you first walked in, you obviously haven't been to any gift shop in the last 5 years.

His prints, cards, notebooks are everywhere.

The show is a real hodge-podge of themes, but all quality. The "Untitled" Women's portrait by Kris Lewis is a crowd pleaser, and hung close to the door as a street traffic draw.

The above left image, "From this distance: Containted Gift" by Gregory Euclide, does no justice to the actual work. It's a beautiful large piece, reminiscent of Chinese ink drawings, collaged with leaves and paper, I'm not giving in apt description, just know you should see it in person.

The above right, "Electralize" by Amy Casey is a great little drawing, that I would love to have in my home. Great lines, and nice use of empty space.

This was the last show I saw on First Friday, and it was a nice finish to the exhausting evening. I'm looking forward to future exhibits at Limited Addiction.

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