Thursday, March 6, 2008

Still Schmill

So there's a lot of talk in Denver, about the Clyfford Still Museum opening in 2010. For me it's too early to get excited about, and another case of a building waaaay more interesting than the contents.
I'm just not a big Still fan, and I hesitate to say that Denver got greedy and too excited about an expanding arts district/scene, and took on the huge project that is the C.S. Museum. I'm also skeptical when it comes to museums honoring one artist. It's different, if an artists' former home/studio is turned into a museum: Wyeth, Hopper, Pollack, to name a few. But Still doesn't seem to fit this Western city, only that it has the money, or will raise the money for such a museum.

Regardless, they are hoping to get the DAM traffic, which I can't blame them. The design is nice and not too showy, next to the Liebskind's wonderkind that is the new DAM edition.

From initial renderings, the building thankfully doesn't look over designed. Having exposed Conservation Labs and Collection rooms is nothing new, but a nice education focus for the public.

I'll wait to reserve judgement, and apparantly I'll have to wait awhile. Just having seen a few pieces of his throughout collections in the country, I think it will be hard for the museum to carry itself.

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