Thursday, March 6, 2008

Washington Nostalgia

I really missed Washington, DC this week, so I wanted to mention my favorite gallery there: Irvine Contemporary Art on 14th St. True fans remember when it was above the sex shop in Dupont Circle. The new space on 14th is much more modern: white walls and cement floor, but I miss the crown molding and wooden floors in the previous space. Martin Irvine and assistants pick some really great artists, and have recently focused on bringing more international artists in, such as hot commodities like Chinese artists. But I prefer the drawings they exhibit, often because they are more affordable than the paintings. I love Christine Kesler's work, (upper image), hers was the first piece of art I ever bought that wasn't from a guy painting at a popular tourist site. The lower painting is by Sean Foley.

Pangs of nostalgia hit me yesterday when I read the Whitney Biennial opens today. What was once an easy bus trip to NYC ( $35 dolla -Chinatown bus rocks!) is now an act of good luck and timing for discount flights on Frontier. I have til June 1st to figure out how to get there.

I shouldn't dwell too much in sorrow, as this week is "First Friday", and there are plenty of galleries I haven't seen yet. Just missing my old stomping ground. Forgive the memory lane journey......

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The_Writer said...

Why didn't we meet in NY when you lived in DC? Ugh. Speaking of which, I totally forgot my evil plan to crash cousin Katie's 21st birthday, which is Saturday. Read NY Mag's review of the Whitney Biennial--not that great, so don't be too sad!