Friday, April 4, 2008

RULE amazes again

RULE gallery continues to impress me. A beautiful photo show, part of photography month, is up until April 5th, so catch it today!

"A Simple Truth", features approximately 4 pieces each by 5 women photographers. Most of the photos are details of things, close-ups of everyday objects - thus being the simple truth. Nothing is complicated or harsh on the eyes.

Rebecca Dolan's dramatic cloudscapes, incorporate much more black sky then you would imagine. Anna Newell's photos of texture and patterns, are calming. If you've been down to the Contemporary, you'll recognize the black and white floral building shot. Newell's and Katie Taft's work looks fabulous in big white frames with white mats. It's really the only way I want to look at photography now. Very clean. I just loved Katie Taft's work, pictured above, "Baked in a Pie". Reminds me of the children's nursery rhyme - "Sing a song of six-pence,...... 4 & 20 blackbirds baked in pie", creepy featureless birds except for a beak. Rachel Hawthorn's work was somewhat milder next to the others, details of windows, reminiscent of film stills. And finally Ellen Yeiser's work, bold and interesting details of nature.

The show was well curated, and it's rare that my thoughts go to the curator, but they did an excellent job, picking work with similar themes. Well done again RULE.

Also in the back, check out the piezographic pigment print on white paper titled, "Rich 1978", by Bryan Boettiger. Simple and interesting, nostalgia provoked. Paola Ochoa's work is much better in person than in reproduced image. Really wet media used to make collages of wings and grass.

Always something fantastic at RULE.

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