Thursday, April 3, 2008


I was going to limit myself to reviews of Denver galleries and museums, but when you see great things, you want to share them.

I was on such a high walking around the Broad Contemporary Art Museum next to LACMA in Los Angeles. N and I were there for the guards to open the door at 11am on Saturday. This is a night owl museum as general hours are Noon to 8pm. Truly spectacular. Do a Guggenheim, and start on the third floor and work your way down. Barbara Krueger did a great job in the elevator in the center of the building.

Visual Summary: Spacious galleries with contemporary art (contemporary meaning Jeff Koons & Barbara Krueger)

Wow Factor: There are 8 works by one artist grouped together! You can actually study the artist, not just one piece or 2 but 8 - i love it!!!!!

I liked what David Byrne had to say about the opening, and describing the museum. I'm assuming the "C' is Cindy Sherman, and the room of her work is spectacular -photos hung McMansion salon style.

I really don't like Jeff Koons, and I"m not interested in his whole commodity, repro as art, or usage of Porn actors in his work, but I have to admit I really liked his piece outside. (similar example above -flowers) And it's hard not to like a big balloon dog.

Chris Burden's work ain't to shabby either. Nice intro on Plaza.

Finally my favorite area of BCAM, is Damien Hirst's 2 rooms. His butterfly, stained glass work is amazing. It's sick and twisted, and just plain unbelievable. Yo
u must see these is person, the luminosity cannot be reproduced.

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