Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Art & Dance

Hidden amongst the floors and floors of books are two terrific galleries at the Denver Public Library. Currently showing: local art on the 5th floor, Dance on the top floor.
Press "5" in the elevator to see the 80th Annual Members Show of the Colorado Artists Guild, up until July 31st. Unfortunately the show is obviously grouped by subject matter: portraits, landscapes, flowers, etc. The landscapes shine the brightest, which I attribute to Part 1- good artists, Part 2- inspiring Colorado scenery. It's easy to pick out the works that were painted from photographs, but don't despair, there are some really well crafted paintings in this exhibit.

On the top floor, "Dance Treasures" is on loan from the Smithsonian. a traveling exhibit, with multitudes of printed panels, but don't fret, the whole show isn't entirely reproductions. Head to the center of the exhibit where beaded costumes from the Denver Ballet save the show. Although the dancers' costumes are smushed in thin cases like dead bugs, it's hard not to ooh and aah over beaded and jeweled taffeta. Take your little girly girl up to the exhibit so she can almost touch the sugary pink icing tutus. On your way back out, glance at some of the photo repros, and pay homage to Gregory Hines, one of my favorite dancers.

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