Monday, July 28, 2008

Golden: Not just beer

Tucked away in Golden, in an obscure office looking building, is a little treasure called the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. Although the museum looks like two galleries, capping both ends of a long hallway, it houses a wonderful professional display of artist and historical quilts. Up until, August 2nd are two shows: "Sisters in Cloth" & "Pre-1840 Bed Coverings".

"Sisters in Cloth" is a sampling of contemporary quilts created by female African -American Textile artists. Some quilts feature traditional patterns, but most are free form representational portraits or symbols.
"Pre-1840 Bed Coverings" (exciting as the name sounds) is a nice balance to the contemporary collection in the front gallery. The bed coverings are new quilts reproduced from pictures and samples of Pre-1840 quilts. If you're interested in patterns and geometry, then this is the gallery to study. The galleries provide a good teaching tool for tessellations and fiber art, but also just enjoyable for what they display. Additionally the staff is very helpful, friendly, and of course all quilters themselves.

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