Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ahoy, Maties! Pirate is Where it's at!

A good friend, who lived in Denver 20 yrs ago, recommended I check out Pirate Gallery. (aka: Pirate Contemporary Art Oasis) So yesterday, I left my downtown comfort zone, and headed up to LoHi (Lower Highlands) to see the quad of co-op galleries on the corner of 37th & Navajo. Pirate was by far, the best and most encouraging for this contemporary art seeker. I'll review the other 3 galleries later this week.

You've got to go see this show by Nicholas Silici, that's up til, well sorry folks: today, February 24th.
Disclaimer: Please ignore the creepy installation in the back of the gallery by Cal Duran. If you're tempted: broken mirrors, copper wire, poor portraits, and dirt on floor should hopefully dissuade you. If you're still curious, it will help you appreciate the calming nature of Silici's front room.

Visual Summary: shiny reflective simple landscapes in a spare white room.

Wow Factor: they are gorgeous and shiny and beautiful and stunning in the bare room.
My apologies to Silici, as he has stated, his canvases aren't landscapes, but shapes related to simple mathematical ratios. Please, when you use a landscape format, and muted blues & greens, the viewer sees "landscape". This is the kind of show, that many skeptics of abstract art will say, "I could do that". Well you couldn't, because the painted surface is perfect in it's many layers and simplicity. The craftsmanship is very high, which in good abstract or non-objective art has to be.
Highly reflective surfaces are very popular these days. It's not uncommon to see a lot of contemporary art with a thick layer of glossy resin, or epoxy poured over the top of a drawing or painting. Well these are done well folks. Before I rattle on anymore, about how much I liked this show, and wish I had $2000 to buy one, I'll end this with: see this show and look for more of Nicholas Silici's work in the Denver area.

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