Monday, February 25, 2008


Zip37 Gallery is one of the 4 co-ops in the LoHi area. Katherine McGuinness' show, "Capture the Image, New Figurative Works" is up until March 9th.

It's hard for me to recommend this show. But since you'll be at the Pirate Gallery, then you need to do the other galleries in the area service. What I recommend is grabbing a friend, caffeine beverage of choice, and your favorite pastry, and head over to this area one Saturday afternoon. Wander through the four galleries criticising and appreciating to your hearts content. You might even meet the artist, if your lucky, doing their gallery sitting. Don't miss the opportunity to question them about their work. You are much more likely to appreciate the made object when you meet the maker.

Visual Summary: Abstract work to the left, Picasso like figures to the Right. Simple black lines.

Wow Factor: Nice abstracts in showcasing red frames.
I wasn't a big fan of the dramatic story of the figurative work spread around the gallery. I think because the prints reminded me too much of the above pictured Picasso work, "The Lovers".
The abstract work I was more impressed with though. They were images of small brightly colored squares, in very nice red frames, that brought out the reds in the prints. Having talked to McGuinness, as she was there the Saturday I visited, she mentioned that people had asked when she was going to do more figurative work, thus the show. She seemed to prefer her abstract work, but that's only a guess. There's also a great print in the corner with a border of food and beverage labels. Hard not to be intrigued when you see Dos Eqquis labels paired with Mandarin Oranges.
It's worth walking in, and if you're not a big McGuinness fan, there's other artists' work in the back.

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