Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blobs @ RULE

Dirk De Bruycker's show "Recent Paintings" is up until March 8th at RULE gallery on Broadway.

Visual Summary: Big smooshy washy red & yellow blobs on canvas.

Wow Factor: The show stops at the free-standing wall and there's better work by other artists in the back.

I just can't get excited about these paintings. Sure I can imagine each of them behind a white leather sofa in a NYC loft, but it stops there. I tried to imagine that Dirk was inspired by the red and golds of New Mexico sunsets, but that didn't really help me appreciate them anymore.

Apparently he used asphalt as an under layer, and it acts as a resist. Well the asphalt would have been more interesting if it was visible in the final product, and it's not. Did you ever take a white piece of paper, put blobs of fingerpaint in the middle, then fold the paper in half, and open it to reveal colorful Rorschach tests? Well that came to mind, but on a larger scale.

You can skip this show, or if you're in the area stop by, head to the back, and hope one of those artists have an upcoming show. Or if you need a big non-objective, non-controversial painting to match your white leather sofa, or your corporate office, then by all means: enjoy to your heart's content.

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