Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tao of Water Rant

Are you kidding me? Naming a show "The Tao of Water"? I hate it already. Photos. They were OK, but erg. Tao of Water? Geez. And your promo?....."water in its myriad manifestations" gulk, just stop. Call it water, call it I care about the planet, but don't call it Tao of Water.

So if you want to see what I'm irritated about: go to the Gallery at 910 and look for John Daido Loori's work, he's an artist, an author, and ooooh a Zen Master!

The prints weren't even meditative, contemplative, or worshipful of water. They were mostly dark, high contrast prints mounted on plastic. Not even good enough to be hung in a corporate office to satisfy the non-controversial art quota. It was bad, and I mean bad, I saw the title on the white wall before I even noticed the art. I should have turned around. I should have walked away. The 3 dreadlocked teens in the coffee shop next door didn't help my mood either.

I keep my polluting to a minimum, I like my hike on a Saturday morning, but after seeing the title next to these pieces I wanted to go drop oil in the nearest river.

There's still time to make it for his lecture on March 20th: 6-9pm, "Art & Environmental Activism". I promise I won't be there.

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The_Writer said...

Tread softly, because you tread on the dreams of a Buddhist zen master.

This is you pouring oil down the drain (from our local weekly):